At Cedars, our menu is a unique blend of Indian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Cuisine. From Baba Ghannoj and Hummus to Shish Taouk and Shish Kababs, we offer the best of the Mediterranean and Middle East, and also all the different regional favorites of India, including vindaloo, korma, rogan josh, palak paneer, and a variety of curries! Our butter chicken is probably what we’re most famous for, and we guarantee you won’t find a better selection of naan anywhere in Seattle! Our chai tea is another point of Cedars’ pride—chai is the heart of every Indian restaurant, and has to be made to perfection each and every time. The chefs at Cedars simmer a secret blend of tea, spices and milk in each brew until the flavor, texture, color, and aroma are perfect. And with free refills, Cedars is a perfect place for Indian chai lovers– your cup is never empty at Cedars.

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