78704 (South Austin) restaurants you'll love

78704 (South Austin) restaurants

Top restaurants in South Austin

The fine city of Austin is separated into North and South regions depending on which way down the highway you intend to travel. South Austin offers a selection of eclectic cuisine that will make your heart and soul sing. From the high-end dining of Circle C to the dives of South Congress, get ready to taste and see the gloriousness of good food made well.

South Austin features a mix of pan-Asian, Cuban, and Mediterranean fare. There is also a healthy dose of cafes, taco trucks, and juicy fried chicken to be found. Exploring this side of Austin is anything but boring with the Texas favorites and diverse cuisine all in one place. You’re sure to find your ideal craving curber with one simple search.

The top restaurants in South Austin range from cafes that serve breakfast all day to reservation-only eateries with 5-star chefs. This area can provide anything your stomach desires. If you’re ready for a nightcap, you can head over to one of the many wineries or breweries located in this part of town, or even venture to a Saké brewery if you feel so inclined. Go on a tasty adventure and explore the possibilities of South Austin restaurants.

Must-try 78704 (South Austin) restaurants

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Thai Fresh

909 W Mary St, Austin

Avg 3.5 (914 reviews)
TakeoutDeliveryDigital Dine-In

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1417 French Bistro

1417 South 1st St., Austin

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