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Situated a short distance from Denver, Aurora is home to many trendy yet down-to-earth restaurants. You just wouldn't know it because Aurora sits comfortably in Denver's suburbs, almost tucked into the city. If you're driving outside of Denver, you might pass right by Aurora, so be ready to whip a U-turn and stop by to explore.

Here, you'll find hundreds of ethnic eateries, many of them locally operated and family-owned. You can find Chinese food, classic American dishes, Vietnamese Pho and Bahn Mi, or cafe pastries. If that's not enough, you'll find places for oven-baked pizza, Mediterranean food, sushi, and Mexican food too. Not only that, but you’ll also find Korean food, steaks, and seafood. Is that still not enough? No problem! Aurora has Thai restaurants, cocktail bars, and bistros too.

If you’ve never been to the Denver area, what’s most striking is the diversity of the people and the culture. True to its big brother, Aurora gives off the same inclusive, laid-back vibe. The difference is noticeable as soon as you enter the town, so take the time to drive around. You’ll find just about anything you could ask for, and that’s what’s great about dining in Aurora.

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