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Austin is one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas for many reasons. Some say the city is the live music capital of Texas but it also has a fantastic reputation for a thriving restaurant scene. Here, you can find every type of cuisine you're looking for, but American restaurants are a nice go-to choice when you can't decide. At almost any place, you can find dozens of entrees and appetizers, and many restaurants offer online takeout orders with curbside pickup service included.

In Austin proper, you have a few choices near downtown across from the Colorado River. Yet, most of the American restaurants lie between 1st Street and 11th Street along I-35, not necessarily near the University of Texas campus. What's great about the American restaurants in Austin is that they're not afraid to get really creative with their concepts and menu items. Expect a handful of surprises.

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Neighborhoods within Austin to explore

78704 (South Austin)

Avg 4.3 (34 restaurants)


Avg 4.7 (12 restaurants)

Bouldin Creek

Avg 4.4 (10 restaurants)

Circle C Ranch

Avg 4.2 (3 restaurants)


Avg 3.8 (4 restaurants)


Avg 4.4 (32 restaurants)

East Austin

Avg 4.4 (75 restaurants)

Market District

Avg 4.4 (7 restaurants)

Oltorf/East Riverside

Avg 4.3 (5 restaurants)


Avg 4.3 (13 restaurants)

Southeast Austin

Avg 4.8 (10 restaurants)

South Lamar District

Avg 4.7 (8 restaurants)

University of Texas

Avg 4.5 (14 restaurants)

Warehouse District

Avg 4.5 (9 restaurants)

West Campus

Avg 4.8 (5 restaurants)

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Avg 5 (12 restaurants)


Avg 4.3 (13 restaurants)

Cedar Park

Avg 4.5 (43 restaurants)

Round Rock

Avg 4.5 (46 restaurants)


Avg 4.7 (4 restaurants)


Avg 4.4 (14 restaurants)

Dripping Springs

Avg 4.3 (20 restaurants)


Avg 4.6 (24 restaurants)


Avg 4.5 (9 restaurants)


No reviews yet


Avg 4.8 (3 restaurants)


Avg 4.3 (21 restaurants)