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Since Austin is a college town, home of the University of Texas, it's full of places to grab a quick bite to eat when you're on the go and need a refresher. As you might expect, the population overall tends to be younger than other Texas cities, and the community has recently sprouted all kinds of businesses, including restaurants that offer premium juices and smoothies.

Location-wise, the juice and smoothie places are pretty spread out in the Austin-Round Rock metropolitan area, so that you can find them along Highway 90 and near the capital too. This region of Texas is famous for its entrepreneurial spirit and the wide range of restaurant concepts proves. Most cities in Texas don't have many smoothie and juice restaurants that are not established brands, but in Austin, entrepreneurs keep trying different concepts, off-the-wall menu items, and unique recipes.

After all, we're talking about Austin and Round Rock, so don't expect to find much of the usual fare. That part of the adventure of dining here and the juice and smoothie restaurants only make the scene more vibrant.

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78704 (South Austin)

Avg 4.3 (34 restaurants)


Avg 4.7 (12 restaurants)

Bouldin Creek

Avg 4.4 (10 restaurants)

Circle C Ranch

Avg 4.2 (3 restaurants)


Avg 3.8 (4 restaurants)


Avg 4.4 (32 restaurants)

East Austin

Avg 4.4 (75 restaurants)

Market District

Avg 4.4 (7 restaurants)

Oltorf/East Riverside

Avg 4.3 (5 restaurants)


Avg 4.3 (13 restaurants)

Southeast Austin

Avg 4.8 (10 restaurants)

South Lamar District

Avg 4.7 (8 restaurants)

University of Texas

Avg 4.5 (14 restaurants)

Warehouse District

Avg 4.5 (9 restaurants)

West Campus

Avg 4.8 (5 restaurants)

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Avg 5 (12 restaurants)


Avg 4.3 (13 restaurants)

Cedar Park

Avg 4.5 (43 restaurants)

Round Rock

Avg 4.5 (46 restaurants)


Avg 4.7 (4 restaurants)


Avg 4.4 (14 restaurants)

Dripping Springs

Avg 4.3 (20 restaurants)


Avg 4.6 (24 restaurants)


Avg 4.5 (9 restaurants)


No reviews yet


Avg 4.8 (3 restaurants)


Avg 4.3 (21 restaurants)