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There's absolutely no shortage of pizza places in Austin. How do you decide when there are so many places with hundreds of rave reviews online? You could go to a different pizza restaurant every day of the month and never go to the same one twice, and local entrepreneurs operate many of the best businesses.

You can find specialty menu items that you can't order at other pizza restaurants at several places. Most of them only allow a choice of meats, vegetables, and maybe a few types of dough. But the best places in Austin have gotten creative with their fare to offer a variety of flavors. Think about it. If you can't choose among so many great pizza restaurants, the only thing to do is reach for something you've never tried before.

You're in Austin, after all, and it's going to be relatively easy. Some of the most popular pizza places are near the campus, but you don't really have to go that far away from downtown to enjoy a great slice of pie because many restaurants are near the capital as well.

Must-try pizza restaurants in Austin

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Neighborhoods within Austin to explore

78704 (South Austin)

Avg 4.4 (34 restaurants)


Avg 4.7 (12 restaurants)

Bouldin Creek

Avg 4.4 (10 restaurants)

Circle C Ranch

Avg 4.2 (3 restaurants)


Avg 3.8 (4 restaurants)


Avg 4.4 (33 restaurants)

East Austin

Avg 4.4 (73 restaurants)

Market District

Avg 4.4 (7 restaurants)

Oltorf/East Riverside

Avg 4.3 (5 restaurants)


Avg 4.3 (12 restaurants)

Southeast Austin

Avg 4.8 (10 restaurants)

South Lamar District

Avg 4.7 (8 restaurants)

University of Texas

Avg 4.5 (13 restaurants)

Warehouse District

Avg 4.5 (9 restaurants)

West Campus

Avg 4.8 (5 restaurants)

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Avg 5 (3 restaurants)


Avg 4.3 (11 restaurants)

Cedar Park

Avg 4.5 (30 restaurants)

Round Rock

Avg 4.5 (35 restaurants)


Avg 4.7 (3 restaurants)


Avg 4.4 (14 restaurants)

Dripping Springs

Avg 4.3 (15 restaurants)


Avg 4.6 (19 restaurants)


Avg 4.5 (8 restaurants)


No reviews yet


Avg 4.8 (3 restaurants)


Avg 4.3 (18 restaurants)