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American cuisine ranks among the most eclectic cooking styles on the planet. From its inception, America has been a land of opportunity populated by immigrants from around the world over the course of a few centuries. So, you can find echoes of different ethnicities and cultures across the spectrum of American Cuisine from Africa to Western Europe and as far away as China and the Far East.

But the hallmark of American food is its versatility and a chef's willingness to combine different ingredients, aromas, and flavors to make an entirely unique dish. In other words, the food we love in this country is all about creativity and giving our melting pot heritage a nod.

Along the East Coast, you can find the best lobsters and oysters in the US. Along the West Coast, you can find some of the best fishing and wine vineyards in the world. Travel to the Gulf states, and you'll find a variety of seafood like shrimp and crawfish, beef, and even creole cooking influences. If that wasn't already enough choices, you can also enjoy Tex-Mex along the border and have two regional variations to choose from: Southwest and Texas-style. It’s a world of fusion you can’t find anywhere else on the planet, and that's why American cuisine is fantastic.