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When you're in the mood for something familiar yet still different, Asian fusion cuisine is an option for the more adventurous foodie in all of us. You may have already tried Asian fusion and not even realized it because the style is so prevalent in all parts of the country.

Japanese-inspired sushi rolls are great examples of this cuisine style because many items contain lightly cooked fish, but in Japan, sushi is raw and fresh as can be. Likewise, many famous Chinese dishes have a fusion aspect, like the infamous dish General Tsao's chicken served with white rice. We usually cook it with white meat in the US, yet the authentic version uses fatty dark meat chicken. Those are just two examples of how fusion cuisine has made its way into our culture.

The best way to spot a fusion restaurant is the sheer creativity of the menu items. Have you ever heard of sushi pizza or pad Thai tacos with jalapeno kimchi? You have now because that's are two prime examples of what's possible with Asian fusion. Either way, the idea is to bring a distinctively Asian flare to a dish to give it a whole new take.