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Bagels and donuts are classic breakfast food, and you can order them from many different cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, and restaurants across the country. Still, you may not know that many people believe bagels and donuts are essentially the same dishes when, in fact, they're distinct. The differences lie in the ingredients we use in each food and how chefs and bakers prepare them in the first place.

A bagel is more similar to bread, and a donut is mainly fried dough, glazed with sugar and other toppings while still hot. Bagels require yeast in the dough, and you have to boil them first to make them chewy and then until they're crispy on the outside. If the bagel comes with any whole grains or seeds, bakers add them during the final phase.

Ultimately, donuts come out softer and sweeter than bagels, especially when you add chocolate icing or fill them with Bavarian cream, among other favorites. The general rule is that bagels are healthier than donuts and contain more nutrients.