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Nothing fills the streets with aromas like a local bakery. Whether it's fresh bread or cakes, you can almost taste the air, so try to resist if that's possible.

Bakeries are some of the most down-to-earth, laid-back places you can find, and many offer catering services or take orders in bulk. Best of all, you can always expect a large serving of creativity at a bakery since baking is a bit of an art. Many of the best bakeries sell menu items like cupcakes, vegetable loaves, cookies by the dozen, and an assortment of pies, fudge brownies, and scones.

You might be wondering how one business can make such a wide variety of items, but that's why baking is a skill you essentially have to learn over time. Equipment-wise, bakeries don't contain many appliances other than large ovens and mixers for making orders by batch. Suppose the ingredients in baked goods aren't perfect. In that case, it simply won't taste the same, especially if it's a fluffy pastry like a French croissant, so many of the best bakeries have a well-deserved reputation in the community.