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No matter what part of the country you call home, locally-owned bars and lounges lie at the heart of the nightlife experience. Whether you're looking for live country music or a place to watch the ball game, you can't go wrong with a great bar.

Depending on the establishment's concept, you may have your choice of appetizers and casual entrees to complement a world of cocktails, cordials, wines, and specialty drinks you can't find anywhere else. On the flip side, lounges usually only sell alcoholic beverages and offer a limited menu, if any. Another difference between bars and lounges is usually the type of seating and the size of the establishment itself. As the name implies, a lounge more often than not features sofas, low-back seating, and smaller tables instead of the tall, round tables and stools you find at a sports bar.

Lounges also tend to tilt more towards an intimate, laid-back, cozy, and dimly lit vibe, whereas a bar most likely has a more boisterous atmosphere with lots of television screens and maybe a billiard table or two. So, what will it be tonight – a cold beer, a green appletini, or a glass of Merlot? Cheers!