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You can expect different types of breakfast food at these places depending on where you call home. If you live in the south, breakfast includes classic items like fried eggs over easy, corn grits, buttered biscuits, and greasy meats to hold it all together. In some parts of the world, breakfast mainly includes lighter fare, but in America, breakfast is \"the most important meal of the day,\" as the cliche goes.

There is a notable difference between breakfast and brunch. The best part about brunch is the food usually comes in smaller portions, and the food itself is distinct, especially when it comes to sweets on the menu. Some brunch favorites include sugar-powdered French toast with maple syrup, eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce, fruit-stuffed pancakes, and other treats.

Drink-wise, whereas orange juice is a breakfast staple, brunch is more towards the champagne mimosa and peach Bellini side. Either way, restaurants that serve breakfast and brunch will have several options aside from the usual choices.