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Top dessert & ice cream spots

Are you finished with dinner and in the mood for a dessert or two? Or are you skipping the meats and veggies this time around and jumping straight to the fun stuff instead? Either way, you can't go wrong with a restaurant that specializes in desserts, ice cream, and more.

Some of the best places in the country also offer baked goods to complement their main dessert items, so be ready for a surprise when you order for the first time. Like bakeries, dessert, and ice cream places are famous for coming up with creative recipes that you can't find anywhere else. Eating vanilla ice cream is one thing, but have you ever tried something like peanut butter pretzel vanilla gelato? That's just one example of the type of creativity you can expect with desserts and ice creams.

No matter how you like your sweets, you have no shortage of places to find them because most restaurants offer a variety of desserts like
Bavarian cream pie, fudge chocolate cake, powdered sugar pan dulces, and vegan-friendly oatmeal cookies too. Those desserts are all excellent choices. Just don't forget to add the sprinkles if you're in the mood for ice cream instead.