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French cuisine is almost synonymous with fine dining, but that belies how simple this cuisine style can be. Many of the most famous French foods are as down-to-earth as a baguette au Fromage, a loaf of bread and cheese dish, or a traditional stew called bouillabaisse.

Like cuisine in other parts of Europe, French food comes in regional variations, and French chefs have perfected the art of culinary creativity. There are staples to know like cassoulet and Croque monsieur, but have you ever tried an authentic boeuf bourguignon or lamb navarin? If not, you're missing out on a couple of classic French dishes.

The irony about French food is that many people have a perception that it's only meant for sophisticated fine dining, but that's not entirely accurate. A better portrayal is that French foods rely on the art of cooking, which doesn't imply sophistication because it implies skill. French cooking techniques have even made their way into American cuisine with preparations like braising, sauteing, poaching, and confit, among others.