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Gastropubs are a relatively new arrival on the restaurant scene, and they're becoming more popular among those searching for a truly unique dining experience with one-of-a-kind dishes you won't find anywhere else.

If there's one downside to eating at a bar, it's the food quality you may find at these establishments. On the flip side, a gastropub combines the best of both worlds and offers high-quality food while maintaining the bar ambiance. One example is a gastropub that serves shepherd's pie but only uses all-natural, organic ingredients. Or, a gastropub might have an entirely new take on shepherd's pie to go along with their lineup of microbrews, spirits, and cocktails.

Drink-wise, gastropubs have extensive alcohol menus, and some serve wines, cocktails, and specialty drinks that go along with the establishment's concept. But you should never confuse a gastropub with a brewpub. In a brewpub, beer is the star of the show – the only star of the show. A gastropub goes the opposite direction and focuses on great food and a broad array of alcoholic beverages to complement the cuisine.