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If you've ever tried kimchi, you already have a good idea of what distinguishes Korean food from other cooking traditions in Asia. But generally, Korean food is similar to Japanese food if you were to turn up the spiciness and add BBQ-style pork to the list of protein sources.

Fermentation also plays a significant role in Korean cuisine to the point where Koreans include it as a side in every meal. It's such a staple of traditional Korean food that it comes in many variations, and serving food with more than one kind is common.

Usually, Korean cuisine is more family-style than formal. Many restaurants stick to this tradition by offering shareable dishes like samgyeopsal, grilled pork belly with garlic, and chili paste. If a spicy Korean dish piques your curiosity, jjigae – a hot chili seafood stew – is a must-try, or you can go for a simple Korean ox bone soup and never forget to add the kimchi.

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Mochinut - San Mateo


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Seoul Korean BBQ

1610 El Camino Real, San Bruno

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