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Like American cuisine, Latin American foods are versatile, eclectic, and perfect for family gatherings. Many Latin American dishes are best-served family-style rather than by the plate in several courses. Fajitas are a prime example, but let's not forget about other Latin American foods.

In Central America, the cuisine often includes fresh seafood and other ingredients that you usually don't find in Latin American food to the north. You could say the same for food in the mountainous regions of South America like Argentina and Chile because they lean heavily on grilled beef but usually go easy on the spice and peppers.

No matter which style of Latin American food you choose, it would be best never to forget that the specific culture matters, even within the same general category. For instance, Jalisco-inspired Tex-Mex is distinct from authentic food from the same region. One shortcut to distinguish the influences in Latin American food is to pay close attention to the ingredients in the rice. Carrots and corn are a giveaway for authentic Mexican preparations, but rice heavy on the onion and tomato sauce is perfect for Tex-Mex dishes.