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Middle Eastern foods are among the most unique on the planet since you have to prepare the food a certain way – known as halal, or permitted by Islamic law. The term halal is a bit of a misnomer to many people because it's not a distinct style of cuisine per se but rather a requirement for preparing a meal.

According to the Quraan, Islam is quite specific about which foods and food processes are forbidden and which are acceptable. Without a doubt, Middle Eastern food sticks to halal ingredients and preparations rigorously, and that's one reason why it's such a joy to eat. Whereas other cooking traditions thrive on experimentation and fusion, Middle Eastern food is more consistent because it has to be to comply with a particular religion. But that doesn't mean the food is bland and boring because the opposite is more accurate.

Popular dishes like hummus, tahini, tabbouleh, and pita bread come in a world of flavors. But save room for a serving of baklava, please, because you have to try this Middle Eastern dessert if you've never branched out. And above all, never confuse Mediterranean food with Middle Eastern food because the Mediterranean fare isn't halal.

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