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When you need a hot meal, and you don't have much time to spare, ramen is an excellent choice because it's simple and very easy to prepare. Essentially, the dish consists of wheat noodles, served in a meat broth. We like pork, beef, and chicken flavors in the US, but some ramen restaurants get very creative with their menus.

Besides, it may surprise you to hear those entire restaurants are dedicated to ramen in the US. Occasionally, you'll find ramen served with sliced pork and other pho-like ingredients like lemongrass. The two soups are so similar that people often mistake one for the other at a glance. Ramen will always come with a stronger soy base or a miso base rather than vegetable-seasoned broth.

But it's important to remember that authentic ramen may come with toppings we usually don't eat in America, like scallions, seaweed, and a boiled egg, to name a few.