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Are you in the mood to eat something fresh tonight? If so, you can't go wrong with seafood. Seafood comes in such a wide variety that many restaurants stick to a particular cuisine style to narrow down your menu options. For instance, you can expect to find fried catfish fillets and fried shrimp on the menu at any home-style Cajun restaurant that features mostly seafood.

Yet, many of the best seafood restaurants sit along the high end of the spectrum and offer a more exclusive fine dining experience with a gourmet flare. But the key to finding a great seafood restaurant is to see what's in the season ahead of time. Some fish like King Salmon, oysters, and Mahi Mahi are mainly available during the summer. On the flip side, the winter months are prime season for Red Fish, Grouper, and even sharks in some parts of the country.

Seafood is an excellent protein source when you can't eat fatty red meats, so it's usually easy to find a place that offers healthier menu items. But it's hard to turn down a plate of fried oysters with horseradish ranch sauce for dipping too. So, are you ready to see what the catch of the day is?