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Once you walk into a steakhouse, you'll know if you're in the right place. You can almost taste the aromas of char-grilled steaks, onions, and black pepper wafting out of the kitchen. If you're in the mood for red meats dripping in gravy, a steakhouse is an excellent choice.

Most places will offer a choice of cuts from the New York Strip to thinly sliced flank steak. It all depends on how deep a restaurant's menu extends into the nuances of cooking grilled red meats. Some places offer massive size portions like a ½ pound T-bone steak, and others keep the sizes more down-to-earth, including children's selections.

While it's not a rule per se, the general cuisine at steakhouses tends to be more family-style than formal, and the atmosphere shows it. But some establishments veer more towards the fine dining side of the spectrum and only offer organic beef and other all-natural, farm-to-table ingredients. But don't forget to ask about the seafood available. It sounds contradictory, but some of the best seafood you can find comes from steakhouses. The reasons are many, but they all boil down to offering something different for everyone, which steakhouses do well.