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Japanese cuisine has so much to offer, whether you like authentic sushi or the Americanized rice and sushi roll. Seafood is a staple ingredient in Japanese culture so you can expect the usual favorites and a few surprises.

Ahi tuna and whitefish are typical fares in sushi rolls, but get ready to try new ingredients like an eel, crab stick, and crawfish. You can also look forward to appetizers like miso gyoza, tempura calamari, and takoyaki if you're really in the mood for unique flavors. Either way, the distinction between Japanese food and other Asian foods is the preference for lightly fried ingredients instead of grease-heavy frying techniques. Also, the flavors in Japanese food tend to be more subtle and lighter on the palate. A miso soup is a perfect example if you've already tried Japanese food.

While it's not always a rule, most Japanese food tends to be healthier from a dietary perspective. Sushi restaurants are a great example since many offer rolls with avocado, cream cheese, celery, and a few surprises. Best of all, not all sushi is technically raw, so it has a more broad appeal than most people expect. Just don't forget to add green wasabi to the soy sauce for an extra bite.