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In case you didn't know, vegan cuisine is absolutely a distinct style. For starters, you have to get creative when inventing vegan dishes because most people who prefer this kind of food revolve their diets around it. It's a lifestyle choice as much as it's a type of food and cooking style.

But don't assume that all vegan dishes are bland and boring because many of them can be as spicy as Tex-Mex food, especially if they contain spicy Korean kimchi. If you close your eyes while you take a bite, you may not even be able to tell you're eating a vegan dish. Spicy veggie burgers are a great example, and sometimes people who aren't living as a vegan order them just as much.

Vegan food is both flavorful and easy to make too. Not only is it healthy, but it usually comes with more ingredients and garnishes to make up for the lack of meat protein. Yet, tofu, seitan, and lentils are alternative protein sources you'll see from time to time.