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When many of us think of Vietnamese food, we think of Bahn mi and pho, but the food is more diverse than those two popular Asian fusion dishes. Vietnamese food is heavy on hot soup with rice noodles – otherwise known as pho – and aromatic ingredients that you usually don't see in the usual Asian fare.

Since Vietnam lies along the coast, seafood plays a significant role as a protein source. Ingredient-wise, you can expect Vietnamese food to come with fish sauce, fermented shrimp paste, rice vermicelli, rock sugar, basil, and mint. Vietnamese food is so typical in major cities that it's taken on more of a fusion flare than a traditional cuisine. A Bahn Mi Vietnamese sandwich is a great example because some restaurants will serve the pork warm rather than traditional cold pork. Others may leave out the fresh-cut jalapeno, while others might add more peppers or smother the baguette with sriracha sauce.

Other must-try entrees include items like Goi Cuon and Nem Ra rolls, Xoi Ga chicken with rice, or Bun Bo Nam Bo pho. But if you want to stick with fusion, you can't go wrong with a Bahn Mi-inspired sandwich.