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When you’re looking for a great pizza restaurant in Cleveland, you certainly don’t have a lack of options. You have dozens of places to choose from, and many of the highest-rated pizza places offer a variety of menu items instead of the classic pepperoni and cheese, extra cheese, that is. There are so many pizza restaurants in Cleveland and nearby Elyria that it's hard to decide where to eat. It's possible to go to a different pizza restaurant every week, and you still won't see them all within a year.

Even better, some places offer specialty pizzas and creative menu items aside from what you usually see. Have you ever tried a pizza with alfredo sauce instead of marinara or with blue cheese and buffalo sauce? If not, try one of these pizza restaurants, and you won't be disappointed. Best of all, you can find restaurants serving pizza in all parts of the city, especially along the waterfront, where many of the best places sit.

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Neighborhoods within Cleveland to explore


Avg 4.6 (7 restaurants)

East Bank

Avg 4.3 (4 restaurants)

Gateway District

Avg 4.1 (10 restaurants)

Ohio City

Avg 4.4 (19 restaurants)

Old Brooklyn

Avg 4.6 (4 restaurants)

Playhouse Square

Avg 4.4 (3 restaurants)


Avg 4.5 (4 restaurants)

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Avg 4.1 (3 restaurants)


Avg 4.5 (23 restaurants)

Maple Heights

Avg 4.2 (4 restaurants)


Avg 4 (23 restaurants)


Avg 4.8 (4 restaurants)

Rocky River

Avg 4.3 (9 restaurants)

Broadview Heights

Avg 4.6 (3 restaurants)

North Royalton

Avg 3.8 (3 restaurants)


Avg 4.2 (6 restaurants)


Avg 4.6 (6 restaurants)


Avg 4.8 (10 restaurants)

North Olmsted

Avg 4.4 (7 restaurants)