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Delray Beach is fondly called the \"Village by the Sea\" for its quaint, rustic vibe. It’s a great escape from the more popular Miami and Fort Lauderdale for a laidback weekend. Visit Delray Beach for family-style Caribbean cooking, authentic Italian pizza, and vibrant bistros set in historic establishments.

Where else can you enjoy maple-glazed salmon and flavored mojitos in a 1920s building? Delray Beach restaurants have everything from tapas to craft beer, fine dining, and kid-friendly menus. Rum cake, ribeye steak, and baked baby octopus show that food in Delray Beach is never dull.

Whether you’re seeking that special dinner or health-conscious dining alternatives, Delray Beach restaurants have you covered. Atlantic Avenue in downtown Delray is thriving with restaurants, cafés, bars, and bistros. Enjoy the outdoor patio vibe in waterfront tiki bars or watch your food made from scratch wherever you sit. You can also share an intimate dinner in a secluded dining room. These are some of the experiences you’ll find in Delray Beach restaurants. After a day of sun and surf, nothing beats the bold, inspired flavors of the food in Delray Beach.

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