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Fort Lauderdale restaurants

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Fort Lauderdale is the \"Venice of America\" for a good reason. This city has miles of winding canals and waterways for the perfect gondola ride. The spectacular beaches, museums, and parks make Fort Lauderdale a must-visit destination. There is also a fantastic selection of Fort Lauderdale restaurants and cafés to choose from, especially on East Las Olas Boulevard. Many Fort Lauderdale restaurants have boat docks so you can sail on by for a great lunch or dinner.

Whether you're looking for a regular hangout or a venue for a special celebration, Fort Lauderdale has you covered. It's no surprise that seafood is heavily featured in many Fort Lauderdale restaurants with some just yards away from the ocean. Seared scallops, roasted octopus, and lobster guacamole can all be found as popular menu items. Cuban food and classic grilled Cuban sandwiches are also staples in Florida.

There's plenty of southern inspiration in Fort Lauderdale restaurants, where you'll find Texas-style brisket and tender ribs, mac-and-cheese, and collard greens. Moroccan and Asian restaurants in Fort Lauderdale offer fresh, innovative menus and come packed with local, seasonal ingredients. Enjoy meals at nostalgic mid-50s diners or revel in the trendiest restaurants in Fort Lauderdale. Bring your appetite and dig in.

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