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Frederick is packed full of museums, beautiful gardens, and hike & bike trails. Explore the wide variety of outdoor activities such as Carroll Creek, and then head over to the west side of Fredrick for a delicious meal. Featuring dishes like tacos, pizza, burgers, and ramen. Each cuisine is conveniently located in the bustling Downtown area, perfect for any meal at any time of day.

Try out old favorites from local cafes or try something new like boba or Spanish tapas. From sandwiches to Cuban fare, there are options all across the city. Everything you crave is just a short drive away or available for delivery in Frederick. Order a coffee, BBQ, or a plate of Maryland-style seafood. No matter what you’re in the mood for, Frederick offers a quick and easy solution to your hunger.

Don’t miss out on the local breweries on either side of Carroll Creek. Available for tastings, flights, and winding down for the evening. Bring all your friends and enjoy an evening of brews and buds. If you’re looking for something more refined, try out the local cocktail bars. Trendy bars in Frederick have a wide selection of unique beverages to try. Discover your new favorite spot in Fredrick and start your search today!

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