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When visiting the metro area of Hialeah, you’ll notice a distinct emphasis on fresh food made well. This beautiful Florida city has lovely parks, intriguing museums, and a wide variety of cuisines to choose from. Just one day in Hialeah and you’ll find a new favorite dish for every meal. From exploring the farmer’s market to Chinese food delivery, in Hialeah, you don’t have to worry about options.

You’ll find influences from Puerto Rico, Spain, Cuba, and Italy within the city limits. Across the downtown area, there are plenty of fine dining experiences, gastropubs, and contemporary Italian eateries. Closer to the coastline there are bars, grills, and perhaps the best tapas in Hialeah. Whatever the craving may be, you won’t have to travel far to satisfy it.

Don’t forget to visit some of the many wineries and breweries in Hialeah before you go. There is a combination of restaurants and wineries to ensure you receive the full experience of Florida and beer gardens to relax in during the evening. If you’re in search of some nightlife, you don’t want to miss the pubs and lounges off the 826. Enjoy everything Hialeah has to offer and you’ll make memories that will last forever.

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Mama Pancha - 8583 Northwest 186th Street

8583 Northwest 186th Street, Hialeah

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