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Jupiter is packed with fun, ocean adventures, and delicious cuisine from across the world. You’ll find casual dining facilities intermingled with classic french bistros, fresh farmers markets, and dive bars all within the same strip. Comfort food from every nation is just waiting to be discovered by hungry travelers. Maybe after a long day of golf or breakfast before a beach excursion, there’s nothing like a warm dish from one of the best restaurants in Jupiter.

You might say the cuisine from Jupiter is out of this world, and you would be right. This beach town right off the ocean and home to the Loxahatchee River has amazing fresh seafood, authentic french cuisine, and plenty of classic American takeout. From fast-casual dining to high-end eateries, Jupiter caters to every need. The perfect town for families to enjoy, every bistro, cafe, and restaurant has something for everyone.

Don’t miss the fantastic breweries of Jupiter scattered across the city. Located near gorgeous parks, bakeries, and delicious cafes, a walking tour of some of the best breweries in Jupiter is in order. Perfect for a group outing with friends or a romantic day trip, treat those you love to an adventure downtown. You won’t regret it!

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Sims House Hospitality Group image


Sims House - 322 Center Street

322 Center Street, Jupiter

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