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Top breakfast spots in Miami, Florida

It’s the weekend and you're wondering, "Where can I get brunch at a restaurant near me?" You'll find a terrific selection of breakfast and brunch restaurants in Miami to fill every Saturday and Sunday of the year. It’s the perfect place if you want a classic breakfast with friends or a feast on the best scrambled eggs, bacon, waffles, and coffee on the Gold Coast.

Brunch in Miami offers staples like eggs benedict, avocado toast, generous salad bowls, mimosas, and bloody marys. Many Miami restaurants offer bottomless brunch drinks for group dinners. And, of course, they serve plenty of hangover cures too so you can party hard with no regrets.

Breakfast and brunch cuisines in Miami range from Spanish and Cuban to Vietnamese and more. Treat your taste buds to guava pancakes with cream cheese, wood-oven pizzas made from scratch, or a giant bowl of pho and dumplings. You can also dig into some classic American comfort foods over your weekend brunch, including steak and eggs, biscuits and gravy, or chicken and waffles. Celebrate the weekend with an unbeatable brunch at the top restaurants in Miami today.

Must-try breakfast spots in Miami

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Neighborhoods within Miami to explore

Belle Meade

Avg 4.2 (3 restaurants)


Avg 4.3 (38 restaurants)

Buena Vista

Avg 4.4 (8 restaurants)

Coconut Grove

Avg 4 (15 restaurants)

Design District

Avg 4.6 (3 restaurants)


Avg 4.3 (11 restaurants)


Avg 4.2 (5 restaurants)


Avg 4.3 (3 restaurants)

Little Haiti

Avg 4.3 (4 restaurants)

Little Havana

Avg 4.3 (5 restaurants)

Little River

Avg 4.2 (10 restaurants)


Avg 4.3 (15 restaurants)


Avg 4 (5 restaurants)


No reviews yet


Avg 4.5 (6 restaurants)

Silver Bluff

Avg 4.6 (3 restaurants)

West Flagler

Avg 4.4 (7 restaurants)


Avg 4.4 (28 restaurants)

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Miami Beach

Avg 4.3 (104 restaurants)

North Miami Beach

Avg 4.4 (12 restaurants)

Key Biscayne

Avg 4.6 (6 restaurants)


Avg 4.1 (24 restaurants)

Opa Locka

Avg 4 (3 restaurants)


Avg 4.4 (10 restaurants)


Avg 4.2 (44 restaurants)


Avg 4.3 (3 restaurants)

Fort Lauderdale

Avg 4.3 (139 restaurants)


Avg 4.4 (8 restaurants)

Pompano Beach

Avg 4.5 (51 restaurants)

Deerfield Beach

Avg 4.5 (8 restaurants)