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Miami is known for its fresh seafood and Mediterranean fare. You can find delicious plates of vibrantly flavored dishes up and down the coast and within the metro area. The most concentrated Mediterranean cuisine in Miami is found on Miami Beach. Ingredients pulled straight from the ocean and farmer’s markets make for the highest quality dishes possible.

Mediterranean cuisine focuses on freshness, strong flavors, and bright colors. You’ll find a healthy mix of bread, pasta, and flatbreads as well as vegetables, salad, and hummus. There are plenty of fresh fish dishes to enjoy, expertly seasoned and cooked to perfection. Enjoy authentic traditional flavors and new spins on classic dishes. From casual bars and grills to high-end Mediterranean cuisine, Miami has it all.

While enjoying the complex flavors of fresh pasta, delicious gyros, or kebabs, you don’t want to miss out on specialty important wine pairings. No matter how informal or formal your dining selection may be, there is a perfect wine to accompany your Mediterranean dish. Deep reds and crisp whites each have their ideal match. Enjoy oceanside bliss when you choose Mediterranean cuisine in Miami.

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Neighborhoods within Miami to explore

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Buena Vista

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Avg 4 (15 restaurants)

Design District

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Little Haiti

Avg 4.3 (4 restaurants)

Little Havana

Avg 4.3 (5 restaurants)

Little River

Avg 4.2 (10 restaurants)


Avg 4.3 (15 restaurants)


Avg 4 (5 restaurants)


No reviews yet


Avg 4.5 (6 restaurants)

Silver Bluff

Avg 4.6 (3 restaurants)

West Flagler

Avg 4.4 (7 restaurants)


Avg 4.4 (28 restaurants)

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