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If you’re craving authentic Japanese cuisine in Miami, get ready to be delighted. Miami has some of the most delicious Japanese restaurants and sushi in the state. Visit the downtown area for classy Japanese eateries and savory the best sushi you’ve ever tasted. Fresh fish is the key to exceptional sushi and authentic Japanese cuisine and Miami does not disappoint.

Explore the chic Japanese offerings just off Town Square or enjoy casual Japanese BBQ a few blocks from the coast. Whether you’re enjoying sushi night with the kids or taking the squad out for a night of fun, you’ll find a Japanese restaurant that suits your every need. Fresh seafood, noodles, and handmade sashimi, it doesn’t get better than authentic Japanese food.

Wash it all down with fragrant smooth sake. A traditional Japanese beverage made of fermented rice, this unique alcoholic drink is a fine complement to traditional dishes. Other choices include beer, lemon sours, and whiskey highballs. Enjoy a romantic evening at a hibachi grill or a late night with friends devouring udon noodles, either way, Japanese restaurants in Miami have you covered.

Must-try sushi restaurants in Miami

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Sushi Sake

15461 SW 137 AVE, MIAMI

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Sushi Sake image


Sushi Sake

1615 SW 8 Street, Miami

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Salvaje Miami

101 NE 34th St, Miami

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Give the Gift of Sushi • Sushi Maki image


Give the Gift of Sushi • Sushi Maki

8005 NW 90th Street, Medley

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