Crazy Dave's Food Truck

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1700 West 7th Street

Frederick, MD 21702

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Sunday8:00 am - 3:59 am
Monday8:00 am - 3:59 am
Tuesday8:00 am - 3:59 am
Wednesday8:00 am - 3:59 am
Thursday8:00 am - 3:59 am
Friday8:00 am - 3:59 am
Saturday8:00 am - 3:59 am
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So? You dare come and eat at Crazy Dave's? I should probably warn you that the Giant Monstrosity is not for the faint of heart! Nor are the Brazen Boneless Wings. Pick your flavors and toppings wisely, because there sure are a lot of 'em. Oh, and the Cranky Caesar Salad? You might want to stay away. It's been known to be so good it's insane! Don't blame Crazy Dave if you can't resist coming back for more. He's out of his mind, so you might not want to cross him!


1700 West 7th Street, Frederick, MD 21702


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