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Round Rock is a suburb of Austin that thrives with a diverse community, a live music scene, and a plethora of cuisines to choose from. Named for the round rock that resides in the local creek, this town has been bursting with new growth over the past few years. With new growth comes new eateries. The residents and visitors of this fine city enjoy charming coffee shops, vibrant Indian food, and the best burgers in Round Rock.

The downtown area of Round Rock is a long strip of fine dining, cafes, and pubs. Don’t forget to try the Italian and tex-mex offerings of this region as they’re a real treat. Closer to the highway, you’ll find the burger joints and bistro-style restaurants. Further in, you can indulge in the most authentic Texas tacos around or stop for some vegan pancakes.

Round Rock is also home to notorious breweries and wineries. Some are located in the middle of downtown while others are spread across the outskirts. You’ll find hidden gems all across this well-developed suburb that maintains its small-town feel. From the best restaurants in Round Rock to pizza near you, your cravings will lead your search to some of the best food you’ve ever tasted.

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