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Italian food lovers are in heaven in Washington DC. The area never actually established its own official Little Italy but that’s not for lack of representation. Early Italian immigrants coming to DC generally settled in two residential areas that have since been swallowed up by other neighborhoods. You can find great Italian restaurants in Washington DC.

Italian immigrants came to the District to work on buildings like the Library of Congress and the railroads, bringing along the fantastic flavors of basil, olive oil, tomato, cheeses, and more. Bursting with richness, here you’ll find the many faces of the country’s cuisine. From casual Italian dining in DC to intimate atmospheres and formal affairs, there’s something for every occasion.

Among other places, Dupont Circle is home to many of the best Italian restaurants in DC. Here you’ll find delectable gnocchi, mouthwatering fettucini, and pizza of every style and flavor. For some of the best in Tuscan dishes, head out from the area’s center to Bethesda. Innovation and tradition meet in dishes made from veal, lamb, and chicken, as well as cod of jumbo crab cakes. Feast your eyes and stomach in five-star eateries, and get the best Italian takeout in DC.

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Neighborhoods within Washington to explore

Adams Morgan

Avg 4.3 (7 restaurants)


Avg 4.2 (3 restaurants)


Avg 4.4 (4 restaurants)

Capitol Hill

Avg 4.4 (21 restaurants)


Avg 4.8 (5 restaurants)

Columbia Heights

Avg 4.2 (9 restaurants)


Avg 4.5 (28 restaurants)

Dupont Circle

Avg 4.3 (22 restaurants)

Foggy Bottom

Avg 4.1 (5 restaurants)


Avg 4.4 (16 restaurants)

Glover Park

Avg 4.5 (6 restaurants)

Ivy City

Avg 4.5 (8 restaurants)

Logan Circle

Avg 4.4 (10 restaurants)

Mount Pleasant

Avg 4.3 (3 restaurants)

Navy Yard

Avg 4.5 (25 restaurants)


Avg 3.9 (8 restaurants)

Park View

Avg 4.3 (4 restaurants)

Penn Quarter

Avg 4.6 (3 restaurants)


Avg 4.3 (13 restaurants)


Avg 4.6 (4 restaurants)

U Street Corridor

Avg 4.3 (16 restaurants)

Van Ness/Forest Hills

Avg 4.5 (3 restaurants)

Woodley Park

Avg 4.2 (4 restaurants)

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Avg 4.3 (72 restaurants)


Avg 4.3 (80 restaurants)


Avg 4.5 (8 restaurants)

Oxon Hill

Avg 3.9 (13 restaurants)

Chevy Chase

Avg 4.6 (3 restaurants)

Capitol Heights

Avg 4.3 (3 restaurants)

Falls Church

Avg 4.4 (20 restaurants)


Avg 4.4 (35 restaurants)

Silver Spring

Avg 4.4 (21 restaurants)

District Heights

Avg 2.7 (3 restaurants)

College Park

Avg 4 (5 restaurants)

Mc Lean

Avg 4.3 (13 restaurants)