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West Palm Beach restaurants

Top restaurants in West Palm Beach, Florida

West Palm Beach is a mix of cityscapes and seasides. With a bustling downtown area and just a short distance from Palm Beach Atlantic University, there are plenty of restaurants to sample from. Featuring favorites such as coastal fair and surprises like tasty Asian fusion cuisine, the selection is plentiful. For every set of taste buds, there is a restaurant calling your name.

If you’re looking for authentic seafood, you’ll find fresh fish, crab, and shrimp all along the coastline. If you’re looking for something different, there are tons of trendy restaurants in West Palm Beach to choose from. Featuring rooftop restaurants, authentic middle eastern cuisine, and romantic Italian food, West Palm Beach will please any family, friend group, or date. Treat the ones you love to the best food in the city.

For a classy group activity, there are wineries to visit throughout West Palm Beach. If wine isn’t your style, head over to one of the many breweries or even a cidery to try some of the unique flavors from the top locations in the area. Don’t forget all the cocktail bars, lounges, and pubs just off S Olive Ave. When you visit West Palm Beach, you’ll always find a good time.

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