No Maine restaurant roundup would be complete without a lobster shack. There is no shortage of the red crustaceans in Portland, but not all lobster rolls are created equal: Many have more mayo than meat, unless you're at Portland Lobster Company (pictured, above right). This laid-back eatery, found on the dock near Commercial Street, is a quintessential example of the genre: All ordering is done at the cashier, and there is seating both indoors and at outdoor picnic tables shaded by red umbrellas. Regardless of where you settle, you will find yourself holding onto the plastic lobster buzzer for dear life as you await your order. Non-lobster items like fried clams and the crab and avocado wrap are worth tasting, but why not start with a roll? The fresh lobster meat has a slight buttery glaze and is nestled into a toasted and buttered bun. The accompanying fries are crispy and just too delicious to pass up, and the coleslaw is dressed with the ideal amount of poppy seed vinaigrette.

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