The Black Olive

The Black Olive Restaurant sits in quaint elegance on the cobblestone section of Bond Street in old Fells Point, and though the restaurant itself is twenty years old, the spirit from which it springs holds a story that stretches through multiple generations. The restaurant is owned by the Spiliadis family, whose passion for food as art is grounded in a basic aesthetic principle: cook your food with an eye towards simplicity and tradition, and use only the finest ingredients, no matter what it takes to find them. “Swimmingly fresh” fish is whisked from the ice display to be “prepared simply and beautifully” in the “delectable Greek style” before being filleted tableside at this “authentic” Fells Point Hellenic seafood specialist; “knowledgeable” servers and an “elegant, relaxed atmosphere” help make it a “perennial favorite” for those “willing to pay” the “heavy price tag.” Food rated Extraordinary to perfection- Zagat

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The Black Olive

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