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Coconut Grove restaurants are warm, friendly spaces that you won't want to leave in a hurry. There's a lovely restaurant at almost every corner in Coconut Grove. Classic American staples like burgers, sandwiches, home fries, and beer are great for kicking back with friends. Try out other cuisines such as traditional Indian food featuring timeless dishes like chicken tikka masala, lamb vindaloo, vegetable samosas, and plenty of delicious curries. If you're looking for Italian food, expect the menu to be seafood-inspired. There you’ll find clam-stuffed pasta and Italian-style crab meat tartare. French restaurants in Coconut Grove are intimate and feature traditional bistro dishes like escargot and chicken fricassee.

Desserts are plentiful in Coconut Grove, with interesting ice cream flavors like honey-lavender, guava, cheese, or even mango-habanero. Try out the scrumptious fresh baked pies, cookies, and cakes at homegrown Coconut Grove bakeries. Diet-conscious diners have more than enough restaurant choices for healthy wraps, sandwiches, and salads. Many Coconut Grove restaurants offer vegan and vegetarian options. For that fine dining experience on a special day, you will find caviar-topped Alfredo pasta, Milanese-style snapper, and sweet king crab. Take your time to sample Coconut Grove restaurants for an unforgettable experience, no matter the occasion.

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