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The best Silver Springs restaurants are at your fingertips. If you’re looking for variety, this is certainly the place to be. As a northern residential suburb of Washington DC, Silver Springs surprises when it comes to restaurants and this is due in large part to its lively and diverse population. Choose from delectable Italian restaurants, genuine Chinese establishments, tasty Mexican, and fresh seafood. You’ll also find a plethora of Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, and Japanese restaurants. If you’re looking for a specific authentic, delicious restaurant in Silver Springs, the chances are good it’s here.

Both big brand-name restaurants and smaller establishments line the streets. Many top-rated Silver Spring restaurants are located in the downtown core. You can also find great Maryland takeout, delivery, and dining away from its center. Be sure to check out the area’s fabulous Ethiopian food and Ethiopian-owned coffee shops, among other specialties. Named for a local spring that shone with flakes of mica, the food in Silver Spring will sparkle your taste buds.

Must-try Silver Spring restaurants

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Underground Pizza Silver Spring

8235 Georgia Avenue, Aspen Hill

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8081 B and C Georgia Ave, Silver Spring

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Angry Jerk

8223 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring

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