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Georgetown is more than just a so-called “aristocratic neighborhood” filled with cobblestones and ivy. Uppercrust university students, academics, and government appointees abound here but you’ll also find some of the best food around. This National Historic Landmark is home to the famous Georgetown cupcakes, as well as DC's delicious half-smokes. These sausages are often made from half-beef half-pork and come smothered in herbs, onions, and chili sauce. Delish.

You can also dig into fresh and mouth-watering oysters straight from the Chesapeake Bay in the best Georgetown restaurants. Branch out and try a wide variety of craft beer from trendy local Washington area breweries. Love wings? Don’t miss out on Washington DC’s signature mambo sauce. Carryout restaurants in Georgetown and dine-in establishments offer this condiment that’s similar to barbecue sauce but that comes with an extra zing. Simultaneously sweet and savory (as well as spicy), it’s a welcome addition to your meat. You can also smother mambo sauce over everything from fried rice to french fries.

On a hot summer’s day, why not enjoy a mint julep? Kentucky senator Henry Clay is said to have introduced this refreshing minty drink to Georgetown in the 1800s. Today, it’s typically made of whisky and mint, but back in the day, it was all about the soothing plant mixed with brandy or rum. Get the best Georgetown takeout or delivery and enjoy trendy restaurants in Washington DC.

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