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You shouldn't confuse Thai food with other cuisine styles from the Indo-pacific region and Asia because it's different. Thai people use fresh but not dried herbs, coriander, galangal, lemongrass, mint, and fish sauce. Interesting, right?

Usually, food in this part of the world doesn't feature such bold and contrasting flavors and aromas, but that's the hallmark of Thai cuisine. If you're not sure whether or not you're eating genuine Thai food, the combination of sweetness and spiciness is the giveaway as well as salty, sour, and bitter tastes.

The idea is to hit the taste buds with bold flavors that almost stick to the palate, especially if the dish comes with red pepper paste. You could order dozens of different Thai dishes, and you'd still only have a small sample. Many foods feature curry and pad thai noodles with tofu instead of meat. Are you in the mood for something on the fruity side? Try an order of Thai pineapple fried rice, and you'll see what makes this cuisine different from other cultures nearby.