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If you've never visited, there's a hamlet not far from the Providence-Warwick area that’s a great place to find all kinds of restaurants: New Bedford. To reach the town, you have to drive along I-195 or State Road, heading east until you get to the main stretch, where most restaurants sit along the waterfront. Eventually, you'll get to the harbor and downtown New Bedford, and that's when the fun starts.

Once you're in New Bedford, the go-to cuisine is seafood, but you have other options like Asian food, American food, and even styles as unique as Portuguese dishes to give you an idea of the range you'll have. Yet, if downtown isn’t your scene and you want a view of the water, head down JFK Memorial Highway to Clarks Cove, and you’ll find everything you need near the intersection with Rodney French Boulevard. Most of the best places are on the cove side, but you have options near East Beach too.

Must-try New Bedford restaurants

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Freestones City Grill

41 William St, New Bedford

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Cultivator Shoals (New Account)

35 Union Street, New Bedford

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