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Barbecue (aka BBQ) is yet another staple of American cuisine, and you don’t find food like it in other parts of the world. Korea is a major exception, and some restaurants focus their entire menu on Korean-style BBQ.

Cooking meats outdoors is standard in many places like South America and the Indo-Pacific, yet no one serves BBQ as we do in the US. It's a classic comfort food best enjoyed among family and friends, maybe for a special occasion where you need to serve many guests throughout the day. Traditionally, BBQ includes favorites like smoked brisket (a true Texas icon), baby back ribs, grilled corn still in the husk, and an assortment of pork and chicken.

Best of all, some places will offer different spins on BBQ and fuse different cuisines in one dish. BBQ grilled shrimp kabobs, anyone? That's only one example of how versatile BBQ-style food is in our culture. Like other American staples, BBQ reflects the eclectic culture in the US, and there are several distinct styles like Kansas City BBQ and Memphis BBQ. At the same time, Kansas City BBQ veers way more towards the sweet side than Memphis BBQ.