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Littleton has much to offer those who visit and locals alike. You can enjoy Skate City Littleton, Marston Lake, and Robert F. Clement Park all in one day. You can also enjoy a wide variety of unique eateries including kebabs, steak, and fondu. There’s nothing little about the big flavors of this town. A quick drive down Littleton Blvd will showcase the unique offerings from this quaint metro area.

Take the kids out for hot dogs or treat your partner to a night of exciting Syrian cuisine. In Littleton, the diverse selection of restaurants is an adventure. To the west of Highway 85, there is everything from trendy restaurants to casual bistros. Quick stops for lunch and luxurious upscale dining are found throughout the cityscape. Enjoy sushi, burgers, pizza, seafood, and Italian cuisine all just blocks from each other.

Spend the evening winding down at one of the many bars and grills located off Main St. Treat your friends to dinner, cocktails, craft beer, or local wine. After a night of fun, make sure you get an extra shot of espresso from one of the cute local coffee houses. Maybe some pancakes too. You deserve it. However you decide to explore the tastes of Littleton, you’re sure to find a tasty new favorite.

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