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Manassas is a historic town with beautiful architecture, charming parks and reserves, and some of the most delicious food you can find. Enjoy tastes from Italy, New Orleans, soul food, and classic American fare. Each restaurant varies from trendy spins on traditional dishes to old favorites that make everyone feel at home. Just a quick visit to Old Town off Center Street will open a world of tastes, sights, and exploration.

This charming city has family-friendly restaurants with dishes your whole family can enjoy. There are also secluded local dates spots in Manassas that will provide you and your sweetheart with a romantic setting to reconnect. No matter what type of cuisine and ambiance you’re searching for there is a perfect place for you in this historic district.

When you’re through dining for the evening, stop for a glass of wine at the local winery or choose from one of the many craft breweries Manassas has to offer. Whether you’re in the mood to wind down after work or spend an evening with friends you’ll find what you need here. From local morning coffee to restaurants with comforting home cooking, enjoying your day in Manassas isn’t any trouble at all.

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