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If you've never had Mediterranean food, you're literally in for a world of flavors and aromas from dozens of different cultures. In other words, Mediterranean food is a must-try for the adventurous foodie, especially if you prefer ingredients like grapes, olive oil, and hummus.

Overall, the Mediterranean fare is eclectic, light, and goes great with red or white wine. Although red and white meats do find their way to the dinner table, baked seafood is a popular protein source in addition to nuts and seeds. Wheat also features in many recipes along with an impressive variety of spices like fennel, marjoram, coriander, cloves, and lavender. Floral, herbaceous ingredients like these usually aren't found in Western cuisine, but they're standard in Mediterranean cooking.

If you're in the mood for something different, a few must-try appetizers include red pepper dip with feta, Keftethakia, eggplant tarts, falafel, or a Fattoush salad. Entree-wise, you have to try the classics like Moroccan vegetable tagine, lamb gyros, or baba Ghanouj, to name a few.