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Salads are a part of many cultural traditions, but they have a special place in our culinary history in the US. For starters, most people eat salads before meals as an appetizer, which isn't necessarily the case in other parts of the world. A three-course French dinner may serve the salad before the dessert if you can believe that.

But you can also enjoy a salad as an entree at many restaurants. Even steakhouses and burger joints sell salads these days, which shows you how popular they remain in our day. Usually, restaurants serve salads in smaller portions with cream dressing or vinegar-based dressing on the side, yet dinner salads can get way more creative when it comes to the ingredients. You can find Asian-inspired salads with dried fruit as well as salads with mildly spicy dressing and red pepper flakes for an extra kick in the taste buds.

Preparation-wise, salads mainly consist of leafy greens like lettuce, spinach, or romano, along with a world of different vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, and radicchio. At most restaurants, a salad doesn't usually come with meats unless you specify, which is why Cesar salads and Cobb salads are great for vegans and health-conscious diners.

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